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PurTest Ultraviolet Water Purification System
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Ultraviolet Water Purification System by PurTest

General Considerations  |  General Precautions  |  Installation Notes  |  Installation Instructions
Install Diagram   |  PURUV Flyer: 1, 2  |  Specifications  |

Choose Between The 8, 12 or 20 Gallons Per Minute Models

Select Your Model in the "Size" Box
24 Watt UV Lamp
12 GPM
36 Watt UV Lamp
20 GPM
39 Watt UV Lamp

Key Features:

  • Visual & Audible Alarm
  • 30 Day Replacement Warning Alarm
  • Lamp Life Expired Alarm
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Out Alarm
  • Internal Resettable Clock w/ Battery Backup
  • Optional Solenoid For Fail Safe Disinfection
  • Polished 304 Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Built in Flow Control
  • 10 Year Warranty on Disinfection Chamber
UV Water Purifier Specifications:
Model # Max. Flow
No. Lamps KW @ 120V AMP @ 120V Pipe Size Overall
L x W x D
PURUV-8 8 1 0.03 0.25 3/4" MIP 21" x 3.5" x 3.5" 9 Lbs.
PURUV-12 12 1 0.03 0.25 3/4" MIP 32" x 3.5" x 3.5" 18 Lbs.
PURUV-20 20 1 0.03 0.25 1" MIP 35" x 5" x 5" 21 Lbs.

General Considerations for Ultraviolet Purification System:

  • 1. When installing the equipment, it is necessary that the unit be isolated from vibration, heavy equipment, and poorly connected piping.
  • 2. Incoming water temperature to the unit should not exceed 35° minimum to 110° maximum degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 3. The operating pressure should not exceed 100 psi.
  • 4. Before putting the unit into final operation follow sanitation procedures as outlined in this manual for proper disinfection. Sanitizing all discharge piping and fittings with household bleach from disinfection unit to point of use removes existing contaminants and gives the unit a “clean start.” Be sure to rinse with U.V. treated water.
  • 5. A proper flow control must be used to insure only the designated flow through the unit.

General Precautions to be followed at all times:

  • 1. Always disconnect electrical power to any U.V. unit before servicing.
  • 2. Under no circumstances should personnel look at a U.V. lamp in operation (EXCEPT through an external Site Port lens located on the outside of the unit).
  • 3. U.V. disinfection units must always be properly grounded.

Installation Notes:

  • The PURUV series are always placed after the pressure tank and any other type of treatment devices (i.e. softeners, filters).
  • These units are normally installed in a vertical position in an enclosed area with good ventilation.
  • Allow clearance of at least the unit’s length at one end for quartz sleeve and bulb replacement.
  • Two (2) anchor bolt holes are provided for proper wall support. Use wall plugs with screws for sufficient support (not included).A lock nut secures the mounting box to the U.V. chamber.
  • If your piping system is subject to impulse pressure resulting in a "water hammer" condition, a surge tank or other means must be provided to remove this condition; otherwise, this extreme shock pressure condition may rupture or fracture the quartz sleeve.
  • Make all plumbing connections to allow for ease of service. Be sure to follow all local plumbing codes and U.V. restriction requirements where specified by local authorities.

Step By Step Installation:

  • 1. Turn off the water before cutting into the water line.
  • 2. Assess the installation (i.e. type of pipe, size of lines, etc.) and obtain necessary plumbing fittings for installation. Inlets and outlets on 8 gpm units are 3/4" MNPT. Use Teflon tape on all threaded connections and avoid over tightening.
    Note: The flow control is a press in type. Each unit has a 3/4" MNPT inlet/outlet machined so the press in flow control can be easily inserted into whichever port you select for the inlet. Make sure the rubber part of the flow control is facing outward from the port selected. Simply hand press or slightly tap in the flow control until it sits on the inside ledge of the machined port.
  • 3. Using the mounting box provided, secure unit to wall, or other surface. Make sure to allow enough room to install, replace, and clean the quartz sleeve and bulb. Installing a water shut-off valve before and after the unit is recommended to make servicing easy.
  • 4. After mounting, install quartz sleeve, O-Ring, and bulb per instructions. Turn on the water slowly, check for leaks, and repair as needed prior to full service operation.
  • 5. After the unit is full of water, plug it into a grounded 115V outlet. Observe operation through the safety Site Port. The lamp will show a bright blue glow. If any problems are noted, consult trouble shooting guide.

PURUV Ultraviolet Water Purifier Basic Installation Diagram
PURUV Installation Diagram

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Reviewer: Rodney Brown
03/03/2009 11:22am
Hi James Dvorak Jr. I just wanted to THANK YOU and AIRANDAQUA for the Whole House Water Filtration, and UV Systems by Rhino. I am very happy with them. If I had a dog (Akida) he, she, or they would love you - dogs drinking out of the toilet and all that. I can hardly wait to see my friends faces when they drank L. A.'s water from my faucet. THANK YOU again, and keep up the good work.

Los Angeles, CA
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