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Glass Water Bottles
SKU: AQ-4600
List Price: $29.99
Original Price: $28.95
Sale Price: $13.50
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Glass Water Bottles

Includes 6 Quality Glass Water Bottles
You can purchase single bottles for $4.99 per bottle by clicking here

Glass Water Bottles
Glass Water Bottles

The very best way to keep water pure and refreshing is to bottle your own in glass!

The best way to get pure healthy drinking water is from a quality home water filter!

Better taste, better quality... a great way to entice yourself to drink more water! 750ml (26 oz.) - 12" x 3" Designer Glass Bottles, Package of 6.

A Few Facts About Water, Bottled Water, Glass Water Bottles:

  • About 40% of bottled water comes from municipal water sources (tap water)!
  • Every year, over 1.5 Million Barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles for the U.S. alone!
  • Americans use 2.5 Million plastic water bottles every hour, and only around 10% are recycled!
  • Plastic water bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade!
  • Bottled water costs up to 15,000 times more than tap water!
  • Bottled water has a carbon imprint up to 600 times that of tap water!
  • GO GREEN! Bottle your own filtered water in our glass water bottles!

The best way to keep water fresh and pure is to store it in a glass container.
Plastic bottles can leach plastic by-products into the water affecting both taste and purity. The longer water sits in a plastic container, the more contaminated it will become.

Glass maintains the pure quality and taste of filtered water.
When you open your refrigerator door and see a crystal clear, cold glass bottle of water... you will naturally drink more. Treat yourself with some fresh fruit flavored water!

Please wash the bottles before your first use.

The lid is plastic, made of Safe Polypropylene Recyclable Plastic. The glass is made in china and CONTAINS ABSOLUTELY NO LEAD!

Drinking more water is one of the very best health habits we can learn!

Glass is also better for the environment as it can be continuously re-used and is 100% recyclable.

Quality Glass Water Bottles
Glass Water Bottles - Glass Water Bottle - Filter Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottles, Glass Bottles, Glass Water Filter, Glass Water Filters, glass bottled water

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Reviewer: Pam Richards
07/19/2011 07:26pm
I just wanted to send my comment.
I had ordered numerous liter glass water bottles and after I received them, I thought they were a little top heavy and cumbersome and thought about returning them.
Well now I LOVE them. I found a nice brush to clean them and I use them EVERYDAY!
Thanks, so much
Reviewer: Jill
02/25/2009 02:02pm
I really enjoy the glass water bottle. My only complaint is that they are slightly difficult to wash. A smaller, larger mouthed bottle would be ideal!
Reviewer: Jackie
08/27/2008 05:16pm
The bottles are great, I love them. They fit perfectly in my car cup holder, and I'm back to drinking the hot water in the car! Thanks.
Reviewer: Alicia S.
03/24/2008 12:44pm
I LOVE these! I use my own water filter to fill them up and store them in the fridge so I can have cold pure water anytime! My only complaint is that The shipping costs can get spendy but they do offer free shipping on orders over $50 which is nice. Shipping is super fast and the customer support was great, overall I am very happy!!!
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